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CANDIDA OPTIMIZE Candida Cleanse Supplement 3-bottles


Candida – Your Foe and Your Friend …

Did you know that your body actually needs Candida?

That sounds wild doesn’t it. Yet it is vilified as a disease. “You have ‘Candida’!” but the truth is…
Everyone has Candida! It’s an essential bacteria needed for processing certain foods.

But now what has become pretty obvious to a lot of people is that when one doesn’t understand how Food Works that is, food in its natural state versus food that has been altered from its natural state, then one could find themselves not eating optimally well.

Well what does that mean?

That means, when one is a Candida imbalance they are eating too many natural food that have been altered. Another term for this is called “processed foods”.

Now if you haven’t noticed in most restaurant Foods, popular grocery store Foods, minions Foods there is a substance called ” sugar”. But that’s a rather vague name to call this substance they call Sugar. Because technically is not a sugar, or at least is not a natural sugar. (And there are many different types of sugars as you may remember from high school biology or chemistry…). Why is it not a natural sugar? Because it has been corrupted. Elements have been removed. And a nice, euphemistic term has been applied to this type of sugar called “refined sugar”.

Well you know a pharmaceutical is often a chemical extract taken from a natural substance. Or it’s a natural substance ” refined” down to focus on a specific comp. Pharmaceuticals are called drugs. So why isn’t white, “refined” sugar called a drug? Good question.

More importantly, refined sugar is well known to cause absolute Havoc inside of your body.